The Different Parts and Features of a Bulletproof Car

A bulletproof car is different from the regular cars used by people every day in many ways. Starting from the design structure to the raw materials, armored cars are to use used for specific purposes. These have taken secure and secret travel to a new level and are used by worldwide organizations, politicians, celebrities, military leaders and other important individuals all over the world. Here are some of the various parts and features of an armored car that makes it different:

The Design

The design of an armored car is one of its most important parts. Every detail is well thought and is expected to serve a purpose. The structure is constructed keeping in mind that the car must be able to protect anything or anyone it is carrying in a conflicting situation. It is important to ensure that the insides of the car stays protected from external damage but the design cannot be made too bulky, lest it should hamper speed. Hence, all these factors are kept in mind when determining the design element.

The Glassbullet proof car

It is obvious that the glass on the windows and windshield of a bulletproof car will be bulletproof as well. However, there are some important things that must be known about these glasses.

Firstly, they are not bulletproof in the sense that the glass can’t crack. In fact, the glass is actually made up of several layers and it is the laminate that protects the glass from shattering under impact from a bullet or anything else. Secondly, it is not actually “glass” but a hybrid of glass and a polymer. The addition of the plastic makes the surface much more flexible and highly resistant to shattering.

Additional Features:

  • These cars can run on deflated tires for several miles. This feature has been added to allow the driver to get the VIPs or valuable items to safety even if the tires have been destroyed.
  • The windshield is slanted at an angle of 45 degrees to prevent wind resistance that can hamper speed. Since speed can be an important factor in many situations, this is an important feature of the car.
  • The ram bumper present in the front of the bulletproof car serves a very important purpose. It is designed to remove blockades and obstacles and carry on in its way without difficulty.
  • The armoring between the engine and the cab of the car is separated with a firewall that prevents the bullets from entering from the front of the vehicle.
  • The upgraded suspension helps in better management of the weight of the vehicle and its different parts. This offers more spring and better shock absorption.

The Body

Finally, it is the material with which the body of the car is made that makes it special. The highest quality of galvanized steel is used in the body and the doors as well as the ceiling are protected by this. Highly resistant stainless steel is also used in the body of the car. Hence, these are some of the different parts and features of a bulletproof car that you must know about. Read here more about the rising market for armored cars.